Allergies Explained

Some Interesting Facts

There are quite a few molecules on the market indicated for allergy symptom relief.

Cetirizine and loratadine are classified as newer second generation anti-histamines.
Desloratadine is a single isomer version of loratadine which means it only includes the active properties with fewer side effects.

What makes me feel so miserable?

Your body has a natural defense system that works 24/7 to defend and protect you against everything deemed to be harmful. Sneezing, congestion, itching and red eyes are symptoms caused by your body’s reaction to an allergen.

Allergens & causes of allergic reactions:

Most allergens are part of our everyday life and we might not even be aware that they are responsible for causing our discomfort.

Typical allergens include:

• Feathers
• Hay
• Pollen
• Dust
• House dust mites
• Pet dander
• And even some household chemicals
• Food allergens: nuts, milk, eggs, soy, fish, wheat and others
• Certain insect bites and stings (bees)
• Certain medications (penicillin, other antibiotics, NSAIDS such as aspirin and some anaesthetics)

The function of anti-histamine medication:

Anti-histamines do not prevent histamine from being released by the mast cells in the body, but they do prevent histamine from binding to H1 receptors, blocking the chain reaction that could lead to an allergic reaction.

Anti-histamines and drowsiness:

Anti-histamines typically cause drowsiness. More recently, this side-effect has been overcome through researching and developing newer molecules.

Anti-histamines are now classified as first generation, initial second generation and newer second generation.

How your body works:

Allergens set off an allergic reaction which causes your body to release histamine to protect itself. The histamine binds to the H¹ receptors which trigger the symptoms of the allergy. This results in nasal stuffiness, sneezing and mucous discharge, inflammation of the airways, swelling of the throat, face or tongue, hives, itching, etc

Different types of allergic reactions:


Symptoms: Allergic conjunctivitis (inflammation of the eye) itchiness and runny nose.

Rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal membranes):

Symptoms: Sneezing, nasal congestion, nasal itching and runny nose.

Urticaria (allergic skin reaction):

Symptoms: Red, raised, itchy skin rash.